An initiative of Earthwatch Institute


Being a ClimateWatcher is simple. You can record on species you see near you, contribute to national activities or visit ClimateWatch trails.

Through regularly walking a ClimateWatch trail and recording what you see you can discover what is happening in your local environment and contribute to a national program that helps scientists inform Australia’s response to climate change. Walking the trail with a group gives you the opportunity to share the experience with others.

Find ClimateWatch trails in your area or discover how you can create a trail at a location that is important to you.

Trails around the country

Albury Botanic Gardens (NSW)
Bournda EEC (NSW)
Callala Bay, IEEC (NSW)
Cape Solander (NSW)
Cumberland Land Conservancy - Marsdenia (NSW)
Cumberland Land Conservancy - Thornbill (NSW)
Cumberland Land Conservancy - Wallaroo (NSW)
Cumberland Land Conservancy - Wombat (NSW)
Kangaroo Valley PS (NSW)
Killalea State Park (NSW)
Lady Denman, Illawarra Environmental Education Centre (NSW)
Macquarie University (NSW)
Marramarra National Park (NSW)
North Head (NSW)
Nowra IEEC (NSW)
Randwick Coastal Walkway (NSW)
Randwick Environmental Park (NSW)
Rocky Creek Dam (NSW)
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (NSW)
Rumbalara EEC (NSW)
Sydney Olympic Park (NSW)
The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan (NSW)
University of Sydney (NSW)