Blanket-leaf Tree along the trail Nadiah Roslan

Morwell NP, VIC

Our ClimateWatch in Parks initiative worked together with Friends of Morwell National Park to create this ClimateWatch trail, connecting the La Trobe community to their local flora and fauna. Start your walk from Foster's Gully Visitor's Area.

The environmental significance of the area makes it a haven for the community to enjoy and learn about the environment and conservation values of Morwell National Park.

Located in the northern foothills of the Strzelecki Ranges, Morwell National Park is small in size but has regional significance as protecting one of the few areas of the original Strzelecki Ranges forest, including some marginal warm temperate rainforest and fern gully communities. Warm temperate rainforest which was once scattered throughout the region is now restricted to small pockets in the park. One of the reasons for creating the park in 1966 was to protect the uncommon epiphytic Butterfly Orchid population. Morwell National Park constitutes conservation value native vegetation such as Herb-rich Foothill Forest and Damp Forest, both Endangered EVCís (ecological vegetation class).

How to get involved

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have a group visiting the trail and would like to seek support from a local ranger.

As part of the Department of Education and Training's School Policy for Excursions and Activities, schools must notify the park prior to any visit. For information on how to plan for a field trip and notify the park, please visit the Parks Victoria Teacher Portal here.

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