Sunshine Coast – Kawana Forest, QLD

The Kawana Forest Nature Trail leads you through the southern portion of Kawana Forest Bushland Reserve located to the west of Kawana Way in Meridan Plains. This trail is about 2 km long and can take up to an hour to walk the loop – depending on how many species you encounter!

Starting at the corner of Lemonwood Street and Whitebeech Street, Meridan Plains the first section of the trail borders a flooded gum forest (Eucalyptus grandis). This is where the pied butcherbird and the Australian magpie can be seen along with some of the other peri-urban birds on the species list.

For a shorter route, continue along the concrete path until the wetland where the white-faced heron and other water birds can be seen. Don’t forget to record your observations of the dense patch of spiny-headed mat rush and blackwood at the end of the trail.

The complete loop leads through paperbark forest and towering palms providing habitat to many forest birds including the grey fantail and eastern yellow robin

How to get involved

This trail is open to the public and can be walked anytime. Your observations will help Sunshine Coast Council to understand how our region is changing as a result of climate change and inform strategies to address these impacts.

Please Note: Some sections of the loop through the forest tend to flood or stay wet after rain and carrying mosquito repellent is highly recommended at all times.

This Climate Watch trail was established by

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Sunshine Coast Council ( aims to deliver biodiversity conservation incorporating predicted impacts from climate change. This citizen science project contributes to building council’s knowledge enabling evidence-based decisions for a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Council manages a large and diverse environmental reserve network which plays an important role in protecting the region's native wildlife and natural beauty. The council reserve network includes three environmental visitor and education centres and over 131 km of public trails. Most reserves are accessible for the community to enjoy visit council’s Adventure Sunshine Coast website for other trail options.

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