Rumbalara EEC, NSW

The Rumbalara Climate Watch Trail is located within Rumbalara Reserve which is under the care and control of Gosford City Council. The trail provides excellent views of Brisbane Water Estuary and the surrounding catchment. Access to the top of the trail (160m above sea level) is via Dolly Ave at Springfield and at the lower end (60 m) there is an entry at the end of Donnison St Gosford.



Vegetation mapping (Bell 2004) identifies the vegetation communities along the trail as Narabeen Coastal Blackbutt Forest and Narabeen Coastal Moist Forest.

The trail is part of the Brisbane Water Estuary catchment although parts drain west and south west towards and beneath the Gosford town centre. Other parts of the trail drain east and south east forming minor components of Erina Creek drainage to Brisbane Water estuary.

Rumbalara Environmental Education Centre (EEC) is run by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and provides syllabus related fieldwork at ideal Central Coast locations, supporting school communities in becoming more environmentally sustainable. More information can be found at Rumbalara EEC's website.

How to get involved

This is a public ClimateWatch trail. If your school is interested in visiting the site through Rumbalara EEC, please contact trail coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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