Grampians NP, Venus Baths, VIC

Rising abruptly from the surrounding Western Plains, the Grampians (Gariwerd) is a series of rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests rich in plants and animals, some of which are found nowhere else.

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Venus Baths, Grampians National Park


Accessible from Halls Gap, the Venus Baths trail begins at the tennis courts and enters the Botanic Gardens via a metal gate. At the rear of the botanic gardens you will pass through a second gate before the track gently winds its way along the north side of the creek. It is generally a short, easy stroll, suitable for all ages and abilities. The 2.3km trail takes approximately 30 minutes, though you might well spend longer if you get caught up in ClimateWatching!

 Venus Baths

The ClimateWatch Trail ends at Venus Baths, following which walkers can return via the same track, or choose to complete the full circuit, which has some steeper sections including large stone steps. If the latter, the Venus Baths loop continues by taking the footbridge over Stony Creek. The track then winds its way back along the southern side of the creek until it reaches the rear of the caravan park. Proceed along the creek and take a left at the next fork in the track. Rejoin the track back towards Halls Gap by crossing to the opposite side of the creek at the next bridge and turning right. Don't forget to keep your eye out for more ClimateWatch species as you walk along.

5 Native Pine

How to get involved

This is a public ClimateWatch trail that you can visit whenever you like. If your school is interested in visiting the site through Parks Victoria, please contact the trail coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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