Taroona High School, TAS

Situated on the southern riverside of greater Hobart, Taroona High School is a co-educational school from grades 7 to 10. On the school grounds, this is the first ClimateWatch trail to be created in Tasmania.

The trail falls along the popular Taroona Foreshore Track which offers beautiful views of the Derwent River, crossing the coastline amongst remnant coastal bushland by Hinsby and Taroona beaches. The coastal foreshore and gullies leading into it are cared for by local volunteer groups, the Taroona Environment Network.

How to get involved

It is a private trail for use by staff and students at Taroona High School in Hobart, however ClimateWatch sightings can be submitted by anyone. Community members enjoying the Taroona Foreshore Track are also welcome to contribute.

The trail connects staff and students to their local natural environment. Created in January 2020, it can be used as part of the science curriculum throughout the school, helping to teach about climate change, phenology and biodiversity. The more monitoring that occurs along the trail, the greater the chance of understanding key phenology events, such as first flowering and bird nesting. These behaviours are known to be shifting with climate change. Monitoring activities can be a short visit for as little as ten minutes or an hour long walk.

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