Brewongle EEC

Brewongle Environmental Education Centre (EEC) is run by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and provides curriculum-based programs for all schools and students from K-12 in the Western Sydney Region. Their vision is to deliver focussed, relevant, engaging sustainability education programs.

Brewongle has worked with local experts and scientists to develop a ClimateWatch trail on their grounds, allowing visitors to contribute to climate change research.

The health of the major river systems including the nearby Hawkesbury River is in decline and faces a number of pressing issues including the need for increased water flows, water security, reduced nutrient inputs and greater collaboration among catchment stakeholders.

 How to get involved?

Please note this is a private trail.

If your school is interested in visiting the site, please contact Brewongle EEC or trail coordinator Steven Body This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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