Pale Twin-leaf Julie Burgher/Flickr

Pale Twin-leaf

Annual herb or perennial sub-shrub up to 20 cm tall, often forms a mat up to 2 m in diameter. Pale four-petalled yellow flowers.


Distinctive leaves made up of two fleshy Y-shaped leaflets looking like butterfly wings. Leaves are ovate with a narrow end at their base. Leaves grow between 1 - 4 cm long and are fleshy, a dull grey-green or green.


Bright yellow in colour with four petals growing between 8 - 15 mm.


Fleshy seed capsules which are ovoid-oblong shape with 4 angled edges.

Field Guide

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Species: WhatToObserve Image

What to Observe

  • First fully open single flower

  • Full flowering (record all days)

  • End of flowering (when 95% of the flowers have faded)

  • No flowering

  • Fruits/seeds (record all days)

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When and Where

When To Look

  • Flowering occurs May-December

Where To Look

  • Widespread west of the Great Divide
  • In South East Queensland, North West Victoria, South Australia, southern Northern Territory and southern Western Australia
  • Grows on a variety of soils, predominantly loamy sands, often in mallee communities
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What Else?

Young plants initially have large bronze coloured foliage, but as the plants mature the leaves reduce in size and change to green. Depending on environmental conditions, plants can be annual or perennial. Growth is usually low and spreading but shrubs can grow up to 40 cm.