Mandarine Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department


  • Mandarin Trees can live for up to 30 years.
  • They can be used as hedges.
  • Annual pruning, once the tree reaches its desired height, will promote prolific fruiting
  • The leaves can be infused for a morning drink.

Citrus reticulata

Common names: Raiatea (most common variety in Vanuatu), Mandarin orange, Mandarine (French)

Small-sized tree that grows up to 9 m in height. Long slender branches. Often has spiny stems. Raiatea variety has an erect bearing that is cone shaped.


6-8 cm in length. The shape is rhombic, acute, lanceolate with the margins irregularly crenate or crenulate (serrated).


Fragrant, single or in small clusters. The flowers are small, star shaped and white.


6 cm. Oblate-globose to depressed-subconcave globose. They have a thin yellow to bright orange to red-orange peel when ripe. The pulp is pale to rich orange and the juice is mild to sweet.

  • First fully open flower
  • Less than half the tree is in full flower
  • More than half the tree is in full flower
  • All of the tree is in full flower
  • No flowering
  • Less than half the tree has fruit
  • More than half the tree has fruit
  • All of the tree has fruit
  • No fruit
  • Green fruit present
  • Ripened fruit present

When to Look

  • Year round
  • Flowering can occur nearly year-round but mainly occurs after the winter months in spring. Multiple flowering periods can occur in the tropics.
  • Fruiting follows flowering.

 Where to Look

  • Grows well in sandy loam soil. 
  • In the tropics it grows best between 370 and 1550 m.

Similar Species

All citrus have dark green and waxy leaves and sweet-smelling flowers. They can be differentiated by their fruit.