Native Buttercup Joshua Bumbak/ClimateWatcher

Native Buttercup

Did You Know?

  • Flowers are cross pollinated by beetles (cantharophily)
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Erect spreading dark green shrub. 0.2 – 1 m high.


Long, narrow, oblong, blunt, dark green above with very recurved margins.


Stalked, yellow flowers with 5 distinct petals. The stamens are all found on one side of the centre of the flower and look like a tiny hand of bananas.


Rarely seen.

Field Guide

Improve your identification skills. Download your Native Buttercup field guide here!

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What to Observe

  • First fully open single flower

  • Full flowering (record all days)

  • End of flowering (when 95% of the flowers have faded)

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When and Where

When To Look

  • Year round
  • Flowering from April to December

Where To Look

  • South Western Australia, ranging from Kalbarri National Park south to Albany and inland to Dryandra
  • Common in many urban bushlands around Perth
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What Else?

Similar Species

There are many species of Hibbertia. Other species have differently shaped leaves (often sharply pointed) and stamens all around the centre of the flower.