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Did You Know?

  • Originally from South America
  • There is an Australian Christmas song about Jacarandas because it flowers shortly before Christmas
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Deciduous tree, not native to Australia. Grows up to 15 m high and wide.


Bright green, feathery and fern-like. Individual leaves are narrow and elliptic, 3 – 12 mm long and arranged either side of a 5 – 10 cm long stem. They turn yellow in autumn before falling from the tree.


Blue-purple and trumpet-shaped, forming clusters that are 20 – 30 cm in diameter. Each individual flower is 2 – 3 cm long and about 1 cm wide. They are lightly fragranced and remain on the tree for about 2 months.

There are four stamens inside the flower which produce pollen, and also a staminode which doesn’t produce any pollen.


A red-brown seed pod that is round and flat, and 3 – 6 cm in diameter. It can remain on the tree for several months.

Field Guide

Improve your identification skills. Download your Jacaranda field guide here!

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What to Observe

  • First fully open single flower

  • Full flowering (record all days)

  • End of flowering (when 95% of the flowers have faded)

  • Open seed pods (record all days)

  • First fully open leaf

  • Leaves open (record all days)

  • First leaf to change colour

  • Leaves changing colour (record all days)

  • First leaf to drop this year

  • 50% or more of leaves dropped (record all days)

  • No leaves (record all days)

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When and Where

When To Look

  • From spring through to autumn
  • Leaves appear in spring after the flowers
  • Flowers appear in spring (November in NSW and September/October in North Queensland)
  • Seed pods appear after flowering
  • Leaves change colour in autumn before falling

Where To Look

  • Widely throughout Australia, except in frost-prone areas such as mountainous regions
  • In urban areas, gardens, parks and roadsides
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What Else?

Similar Species

Tibouchina or Purple Glory Bush (Tibouchina urvilleana) is smaller (up to 4m high) with larger leaves (4 – 12cm long) and larger flowers (each petal is about 4 cm long).