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  1. Blanket-leaf-flowers-flickrcc-tim-rudman Blanket-leaf flowers, FlickrCC, Tim Rudman
  2. Blanket-leaf-underside-flickrcc-john-tann Blanket-leaf underside, FlickrCC, John Tann


Bedfordia arborescens


Shrub or small tree to 8 m high. 

Leaves soft, drooping, mostly 10–25 cm long and 2–5 cm wide, oblong or lanceolate with woolly white underside.

Yellow or orange flower clusters.

The fruit of a blanket leaf plant is very small, reaching approximately two to three millimetres in diameter, and the seeds are dispersed with the wind.


What to Observe

•First fully open single flower

•Full flowering (record all days)

•End of flowering (when 95% of the flowers have faded)

•Not flowering


ClimateWatch Science Advisor

We expect plants to start shooting and flowering earlier in the year as a result of climate change warming the Earth. Shifting climate may also expand or contract their distribution

When To Look

Year-round. Flowers October to February. 

Note: ClimateWatch is looking for any changes in the timing of these events so remember to keep a lookout outside of these months too!


Where To Look

Look in wet sclerophyll forests, particularly in fern gullies and on rainforest margin in VIC, ACT, NSW and TAS.


Blanket-Leaf distribution map - GBIF

Blanket-Leaf distribution map - GBIF


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