Elephant Snail G Edgar

Elephant Snail

Elephant snails are a type of semi-rare solitary marine snail (mollusc) and look like a black slug with a small white, shield-like shell on their backs.


70 - 150 mm


Field Guide

Improve your identification skills. Download your Elephant Snail guide here!

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What to Observe

Search area for 30 minutes and record the following:

  • Abundant: found easily with little searching

  • Frequent: found with minimal searching

  • Rare: only 1 or 2 individuals found with intensive searching

  • Not found: not present during search

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When and Where

When To Look

  • Throughout the year

Where To Look

  • Geraldton in Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and NSW up to Bowen in Queensland
  • Common on rocky shores, around the low tide level
  • Found in rock pools, water-filled crevices and under rocks
  • Can tolerate mild exposure, but prefer moist conditions
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What Else?

The shell never covers the full length of their bodies and their body can sometimes fold up and completely cover the shell.