An initiative of Earthwatch Institute

Waylen Bay/Heathcote Reserve

Waylen Bay Scouts create ClimateWatch Trail

Perth, WA

March 2013

Scouts care for the environment but climate change is impacting on our Australian flora and fauna. Waylen Bay/ Heathcote Reserve are ideal beach and bush land environments for observing and recording environmental changes. The walk starts at Waylen Bay Scout Hall, The Strand Applecross. By walking this trail and collecting information on the local flora and fauna found there you will be helping to provide valuable information for environmental research. The Trail also has Geocaching Activities and details can be located at They can be used by themselves or in conjunction with the Species Identification list for extra fun.

Why get involved?

  • Become a Citizen Scientist and help monitor the biodiversity along the Waylen Bay Beach and Heathcote Reserve Bushland trail.
  • Learn how climate change is affecting our native wildlife.
  • Make a real difference in your local community.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Have some fun.

How to get involved?  

Visit Waylen Bay Sea Scouts webpage, download and print the Field Recording Sheet and species ID sheet. Register for a ClimateWatch account and enter in all of your data. Try your hand at Geocaching and download information from the Waylen Bay webpage. Walk the trail with your community group, friends or family. Use ClimateWatch species forms to spot species that are indicators of climate change and record your observations here. 

Remember to enter all your observations into the ClimateWatch website when you get back to a computer.

The trail can be explored for short or long walks. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, and carry water with you.

***Observe the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts Sedge Rehabilitation project on the beach outside the Scout Hall. Sedge planting is vital to the rehabilitation of the Swan River foreshore.

Trail Coordinator: For more information, contact Debbie Wardle.