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Marramarra National Park

The staff at the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre is proud to announce the development of a new trail in the Marramarra National Park, as part of their 'Adventure Conservation' program. The ‘Adventure Conservation’ program caters to students who wish to become scientifically literate citizens and provides them with an increased ability to communicate their knowledge and understanding. Students will gain knowledge, skills and experiences that are applicable and transferable to scientific studies at a tertiary level. This 3 day leading program endeavours to encourage students to pursue further studies and careers in science. 

Little is known about the impact of climate change on Australia's plants and animals. Marramarra National Park, located approximately 55km north of Sydney and in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Catchment, is an ideal environment for recording information on species to help bridge the information gap, but we need your help! The health of the major river systems including the Hawkesbury River is in decline and face a number of pressing issues including the need for increased water flows, water security, reduced nutrient inputs and greater collaboration among catchment stakeholders.

Why get involved?

  • Learn how climate change is affecting our wildlife.
  • Become an observer and help monitor the biodiversity of Urrbrae Wetlands.
  • Make a real difference in your local community!
  • How to get involved?

How to get involved?

  • Visit the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre and collect a ClimateWatch kit and species guide to walk the trail.
  • Contact Steven Body about events or school group bookings.
  • Want to walk the trail again?  Download a recording sheet to mark your observations
  • The trail can be explored for short or long walks, it's up to you. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, and have some water with you.

This trail is open to the public and visitors to the Brewongle Environmental Education Centre.  If you are an educator and interested in learning more about the 'Adventure Conservation' program, please contact Steven Body


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