An initiative of Earthwatch Institute

Killalea State Park

Our natural environment needs your eyes and ears!

Little is known about the impact of climate change on Australia's plants and animals. The Killalea State Park in NSW is an ideal environment for recording information on species to help bridge the information gap, but we need your help!


Why get involved?

  • Learn how climate change is affecting our wildlife.
  • Become an observer and help monitor the biodiversity in the Killalea State Park in NSW.
  • Use a ClimateWatch field guide and recording sheet for the Killalea State Park, Shell Cove, NSW to spot species that are indicators of climate change and record your observations.
  • Make a real difference in your local community!

How to get involved?

Download the Field Guide and Recording Sheet from this page to mark your observations. Remember to enter all your observations into the ClimateWatch website when you get back to a computer.

The trail can be explored for short or long walks, it's up to you. Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, and have some water with you.

For more information about the trail, please contact the trail coordinator, Garth Jones, or the local expert, Stuart DeLandre.  

This trail was developed with the Illawarra Environmental Education Centre.