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Haining Farm

30 March 2020


Haining Farm Concept

Haining Farm Concept Plan | Engage Victoria. 


Our natural environment needs your eyes and ears!

Few studies tell us how Australia’s plants and animals are responding to climate change in our local parks. As part of a unique citizen science initiative, Earthwatch Australia are working together with Greening Australia and Parks Victoria to create this ClimateWatch trail at Haining Farm.

In 1974, Sir John T. Reid gifted Haining Farm to the Victorian Conservation Trust for the people of Victoria to use for the purpose of education and conservation. Haining Farm presents an opportunity to transform a dairy farm into a public park, with habitat for endangered native species like the Helmeted Honeyeater and lowland Leadbeater’s Possum. Works to the site are underway and will provide walking and cycling trails, bird hides, nature-based playgrounds, picnic areas, community meeting centres and education areas. For the latest updates on the site, visit

The ClimateWatch trail will contribue to Haining Farm's Educational Program which is a joint partnership between Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria and Greening Australia. Through this partnership, several new species that are important to support the threatened Helmeted Honeyeater and lowland Leadbeater’s Possum will be added and monitored through the ClimateWatch program.

Visitors can submit sightings of ClimateWatch species at Haining Farm through the ClimateWatch app or website, and contribute to a long-term dataset which informs how these species are responding to climate change. 


Why get involved?

  • Learn how climate change is affecting our wildlife.
  • Become an observer and help monitor local biodiversity.
  • Use the ClimateWatch app, field guide and recording sheet to observe species that are indicators of climate change and record your observations.
  • Make a real difference in your local community.


How to get involved?

When the Haining Farm is launched, visitors will be able to download the Haining Farm ClimateWatch species field guide and recording sheet to mark observations. If using recording sheets, remember to enter all observations into the ClimateWatch website when back at a computer.

Alternatively, visitors can record sightings immediately through the ClimateWatch smartphone app.

If your school is interested in visiting Haining Farm, contact Andrew Rice from Greening Australia


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Greening Australia, Parks Victoria and Earthwatch Australia are partnering to help gather important knowledge about the effects of climate change impacting phenology - the timing of seasonal events in nature. The partnership brings visitors, nature enthusiasts, students, and the general public together with climate change scientists through Earthwatch’s national program, ClimateWatch.