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Darwin - East Point Reserve

16 August 2018

East Point Reserve Interactive Science Trail Image

Image: East Point Reserve Interactive Science Trail map courtesy of City of Darwin. 

East Point Reserve is a special place for the people of Darwin and is one of the most popular recreation areas for both locals and visitors. Rich in history and biodiversity, East Point is easy to access and has an abundance of facilities and attractions for everyone.

The ClimateWatch trail here monitors several species of plants and animals for seasonal life cycle changes. Species of management concern include the (introduced) Cane Toad, the Agile Wallaby and the Atlas Moth - a species that has been reintroduced back into the reserve through revegetation efforts. 

Atlas Moth

Image: Atlas Moth (Attacus wardi). Flickr CC.  


Litsea glutinosa fruiting

Image: Lisea (Litsea glutinosa). Flickr; Edward Steven. The Litsea is an important food source for the Atlas Moth.

East Point Reserve is one of the largest reserves in the Darwin municipality boasting 200 hectares of green space and recreation spaces. Darwin City Council have been looking after the reserve since 1984 and aim to balance the ecological, cultural and historic values whilst providing recreational areas for everyone to enjoy.


Why get involved:

Learn how climate change is affecting our wildlife;

Become an observer and help monitor the biodiversity of Darwin;

Make a real difference in your local community.


How to get involved:

Refer to the Darwin  species field guides located at the top of this page, download the ClimateWatch smartphone app and start recording!

Alternatively, download the Darwin ClimateWatch trail recording sheet above to mark your observations, remembering to enter them into the ClimateWatch website when you get back to a computer.

This is a public ClimateWatch trail that you can do whenever you like. 

For more information about East Point Reserve, visit the City of Darwin website here


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