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Sydney Golden Wattle or Sallow Wattle

Acacia longifolia


Short Description: Large shrub up to 8m tall.

Leaves: Light green phyllodes (flattened leaf stalks) 14-20cm long and 2-3cm wide. Several longitudinal veins.

Flowers: Bright yellow flowers arranged forming elongate clusters. 

Seed pods: elongate pods 4-150mm long, cylindrical in shape with a pointed tip. Green in colour but turn brown as they mature. Each pod contains 4 black seeds.

What to Observe

•First fully open single flower 

•Full flowering (record all days)

•End of flowering (when 95% of the flowers have faded)

•No flowering

•Fruiting/seed pods

ClimateWatch Science Advisor

We expect plants to start shooting and flowering earlier in the year as a result of climate change warming the Earth. They may also start appearing in new areas, as warmer temperatures enable them to live in environments that were previously too cold or unsuitable

Help scientists answer the question: "How are our animals, plants and ecosystems responding to climate change?"

When To Look

Flowering occurs in spring (June-October)

Fruiting occurs 1-2 months after flowering, usually during summer. (December-January)

Note: ClimateWatch is looking for any changes in the timing of these events so remember to keep a lookout all year!

Where To Look

Grows in a wide range of habitats including heathlands, woodlands, tall forests and coastal regions. Often found along creeks or near swamps.

Native to south-eastern regions, particularly Vic and NSW. Has also been widely cultivated in southern and western Australia. 

Note: ClimateWatch is looking for any changes outside of their known ranges so remember to keep a lookout beyond these regions too!

Acacia longifolia distribution GBIF

Acacia longifolia distribution GBIF



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  1. What Else?

    Coastal wattle (Acacia sophorae) – A smaller shrub growing 0.5-3 m tall. Contain shorter, broad leaves(4-12 cm long, 10-35 mm wide) that are less flexible. The leaves are wider at or above the middle.

    Stiff-leaved wattle (Acacia obtusifolia) – Resinous leaf margins, paler flower heads and has more rounded leaf tips. Also flowers later in the year, December-February.

  1. Did You Know?

    Acacia longifolia is suitable for areas of low maintenence (eg. road batters).

    Can tolerate frosts down to -7 degrees Celcius

    Suitable for a hedge or screen plant.