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White-breasted Robin

Eopsaltria georgiana


  • Colour: Dark blue above, pure white underbelly, white wingbar in flight.
  • Size: 14.5 – 16cm


  • Call: Has a variety of calls like other robins.  Most common contact call is “Cheuw cheuw cheuw”
  • Diet: Feeds primarily on invertebrates that are obtained by pouncing onto the ground from a low perch. Occasionally, small vertebrates, such as skinks, are also taken using the same foraging method.
  • Flight: Flight is direct and low to the ground. In flight, the small white tail corners are surprisingly conspicuous and contrast with the grey tail and upperparts.
  • Breeding: Like many other members of the Corvida, the White-breasted Robin is a cooperative breeder; breeding pairs are often assisted by one or more helper birds who help raise young. Helper birds are mostly male; female birds are more likely to leave the territory in the first year of their life, while males are more likely to remain

What to Observe

  • Courting/mating
  • Calling
  • Feeding
  • Bird on chicks
  • Bird on eggs
  • Bird on nest
  • Bird feeding young

ClimateWatch Science Advisor

We expect birds to start breeding and singing earlier in the year as a result of climate change warming the Earth. They may also start appearing in new areas as warmer temperatures enable them to live in environments that were previously too cold for them.

When To Look

Breeding occurs: July to December

Where To Look

  • Only in Western Australia
  • From Geralton, south to Albany but absent from most of the Swan Coastal Plain.
  • Requires dense vegetation
  • Areas near Perth: Wungong valley, Upper Bickley Brook, Piesse Brook, Jarrahdale.  Common in the karri forest and throughout the coastal scrub from Walpole NP to Waychininicup NP, Porongurup NP.

white breasted robin occurence map



Nevill, S. J. 2008. Birds of the Greater South West. Simon Nevill Publications, Perth, Western Australia.

Nevill et al. 2005. Guide to the Wildlife of the Perth Region. Simon Nevill Publications, Perth, Western Australia.

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  1. Did You Know?

    Distinctive non-yellow member of the yellow robin group

    White-breasted robin call recorded by David Stewart, Nature Sound

    The call recording is by David Stewart Naturesound

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