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Spring is here!

As we turn the calendar to September, the fact that Spring is here may cross your mind. Thoughts of longer days, daylight savings, flowersJacaranda flowering by Rich Weatherillbloooming, and even hayfever approaching, may also come to mind, as well as warmer temperatures. The east coast of Australia has certainly been reminded that Spring (even Summer!) is here with the recent above-average temperatures.

Sydney has had temperatures above 30 degrees for the first time in six months, reaching 10 degrees above average in some areas. In the north of the country, Queenslanders have experienced near-40 degree temperatures in some regions. Victoria also hasn't missed out on the warmer temperatures, with Melbourne experiencing temperatures in the high-20s. Spring has certainly arrived!

Greengrocer or Yellow Monday Cicada by David Midgley

This warmer weather also warns of an early start to the bushfire season as well as the hay fever season. Our climate-watching species may be reacting earlier than usual, so make sure you keep a good look out for early arrivals, behaviours and flowering.