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Oceans Connected: linking citizen science across the sea


A rocky shore survey on the Sapphire Coast. Image: Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre.

Oceans Connected is an exciting new project that links marine citizen science projects on a global level.

The partnership will connect ClimateWatch Marine and the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre in Eden with UK groups The Big Sea Survey and The Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast European Marine Site.

The two citizen science programs and marine discovery centres will connect across the sea, building an international understanding of rocky shore biodiversity. This is the first time that marine discovery centres have been 'twinned' in this way, much like sister cities are matched across the world.

Through Twitter, Flickr and web presentations, Oceans Connected will bring you adventures from two very different shorelines. Volunteers will conduct scientific surveys as part of the ClimateWatch Marine and Big Sea Survey projects, and compare what they have found. What are the similarities and differences between the east coast of Australia and the rugged UK coastline? How is climate change influencing these different ecosystems?

The launch of this new project is on Wednesday 28 May. We will conduct simultaneous surveys at the both centres and have a live Skype catch up to swap notes. Come along to take part in some ClimateWatch marine surveys, hear about the program and meet the UK team!

Launch details

Date: Wednesday 28 May 1pm-5pm

Location: Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre, 253 Imlay Street, Eden NSW

RSVP: or 02 6496 1699

Please bring along a gold coin donation for afternoon tea

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