An initiative of Earthwatch Institute

Observe and record the behaviour of marine and coastal species

‘By becoming a regular ClimateWatcher, you can contribute to the real science behind climate change’ 

ClimateWatch is a national program developed by Earthwatch Australia, Bureau of Meteorology and the University of Melbourne to better understand how climate change is affecting our wildlife. 

Changes in ocean temperatures and currents can cause many marine species to move southwards, in order to maintain their favoured living conditions, yet scientists know very little about how many or how far species maybe moving. 

The first continental phenology project in the Southern Hemisphere, ClimateWatch enables every Australian to become a citizen scientist, by collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change. 

“By participating, you can become a real marine biologist!”

Start recording on beaches and rocky intertidal platforms now. 

How does it work?

By recording the presence, absence and abundance of marine plants and animals at different locations along the coast, your observations will provide the basis for a national monitoring program. 

This information is then loaded into the Atlas of Living Australia where climate change scientists from our partner organisations (Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney Institute of Marine Science and the National Marine Science Centre) along with Earthwatch Australia analyse the information for changes in the distribution of marine species over time. This information is then used by local governments and state environmental agencies to help make better decisions around climate adaptation and prevention.

Who can get involved?

ClimateWatch Marine is not only for individuals, it’s a great way to introduce secondary schools and first year university students to basic marine ecology. It can also add a different element to traditional hands on volunteering for environmental groups or corporate organisations. Contact us to find out more about how you can involve your workplace, school or environmental group in regular ClimateWatching. 

Others need your help too!

ClimateWatch Marine focuses on observations made from the shore (beaches, rocky platforms, boats and whale watching platforms), where you don’t (or shouldn’t!) get wet. However, there are several other scientific marine citizen science programs in Australia that also need your help.  

Want to volunteer with the ClimateWatch Marine team? Contact us we’d love to have you working alongside the crew.