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Media Release: ClimateWatch re-launch event


19 March 2018


ClimateWatch could prevent the extinction of hundreds of species with your help


ClimateWatch is an initiative of Earthwatch Australia that gives every Australian the power to do something about climate change.


Improved ClimateWatch technology is being launched on Tuesday 20 March at the State Library of Victoria showcasing the value of the program to scientists, educators, land managers and the wider community.


ClimateWatch is a powerful program using robust science to shape policy reform and management strategies, educating society on climate change impacts, and empowering them to take action while reconnecting to nature.


Cassandra Nichols, Earthwatch Australia CEO, says “collective action across Australia is essential to fill knowledge gaps and inform solutions on the biggest threat of our time.”


ClimateWatch has upgraded its free mobile app making it easy for anyone to get outdoors, collect data and make a purposeful contribution to climate action.


With 63 ClimateWatch trails nationwide, the program is connecting communities and providing opportunities to be immersed in nature.


Dr Nicola Mitchell, from UWA’s School of Biological Sciences, conducted a study of university students using the ClimateWatch app. “Doing research in the ‘real world’ is an excellent way for students to learn and it greatly contributed to their environmental engagement,” she said.


ClimateWatch is made possible with funding from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme, Department of Education and Training Victoria, and partners including Parks Victoria, Cool Australia, and Gaia Resources.


Join us at the ClimateWatch launch at 10:30am Tuesday 20 March and be part of the solution. 



Nadiah Roslan, ClimateWatch Program Manager



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