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March Scientist of the month: Lisa Cawthen

Lisa Cawthen

Lisa in her element in the Tasmanian bush

Lisa is an early career wildlife ecologist working in Tasmania as a researcher, community educator and consultant. She is also ClimateWatch's mammal species advisor.

Lisa has worked on a range of projects including monitoring Tasmanian devils with devil facial tumor disease, understanding the impacts of wind farms on bats and determining the habitat requirements of possums and bats. Lisa’s main career focus, however, has been improving how we manage our forests for wildlife, in particular, bats. In her recent PhD studies at the University of Tasmania, Lisa has spent the last few years researching Tasmania’s bats to discover where they live, what they do and where they go in an effort to conserve bats and their habitat.

Do you have a question about bats, mammals and climate change? Ask Lisa by emailing, or filling out a form here!