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Local governments are encouraged to get involved and promote Citizen Science

In order to develop community understanding of climate change, Earthwatch Australia recognises the importance of getting local governments involved in promoting citizen science.  Local councils play a major force in raising awareness of the surrounding environment and drive many environmental protection and education programs.  Piney Lakes trail map

Earthwatch Australia has started a national program to alert Councils to ClimateWatch, which aims to provide an opportunity for Councils to establish their own ClimateWatch Trails to get their local residents involved in the study of climate change.

The program demonstrates how Councils can develop their own ClimateWatch Trails and get local citizens to become part of the growing network of climate change monitoring sites across the country.

By adding the ClimateWatch link to Council websites, this will help to widely promote the program’s online availability to local schools, environment groups, council employees and families.

ClimateWatch encourages people to get involved and take note of what is happening in their local environments and record their observations online. These observations contribute to a national database that is helping shape Australia’s response to climate change. 
Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly - by Geoff Walker
Along with the local government campaign, Earthwatch Australia launched a ClimateWatch Trail at the Federal Parliament House on Capital Hill on May 25th. Supported by The Hon Mark Dreyfus MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Earthwatch aims to raise awareness of this program and seek their help in promoting citizen science among their own constituents.

The program is supported by Bureau of Meteorology, University of Melbourne, the Atlas of Living Australia and the Australian Government.