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Launch of the first ClimateWatch Trail at Piney Lakes Reserve

Group looking at Banksia

On the 6th November more than 40 nature lovers joined forces to understand the impact of climate change, by participating in the West Australian pilot of a ClimateWatch Trail at the City of Melville’s Piney Lakes Reserve in Winthrop.

City of Melville Environmental Education Officer Penelope Musgrove said “By observing and recording information about what’s happening in Piney Lakes Reserve or in their backyard, local parks and bushland, participants will be helping scientists better understand and monitor the natural environment.

At the launch WA Herbarium Curator, Kevin Thiele presented a short talk explaining why the different plants were selected. Visitors then walked the trail with the assistance of 8 volunteer guides. Some of the highlights for visitors included seeing the WA Christmas tree (Nuytsia floribunda)  fully flowering and a bobtail (Tiliqua rugosa) couple.


Kevin Thiele


Wendy Low, a participant at the launch said, "It was amazing being able to see so many different types of plants and animals and discover how they are affected by our climate."


Rich Weatherill, Program Manager, ClimateWatch said "This trail demonstrates the fun, social opportunity of ClimateWatch. You can share the walk with friends and family, see how easy it is to identify species and help scientists understand the impact of climate change."

The next community event at Piney Lakes Reserve will be on Wednesday 9th February 2011 at 5:30pm.  Contact Penny Musgrove to register your interest.


Do you know of a bushland or reserve that would be a great location for a ClimateWatch trail? Please contact us with your suggestions.


All photos are by Tony Issakov.