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Is it time to put away our jumpers?

6 August 2013

July was the warmest July on record in NSW, VIC, and ACT and third warmest on record nationally. Does this mean we can put away our jumpers and rejoice that spring is upon us?  According to Peter Hannam, carbon economy editor for the Sydney Morning Herald, spring has sprung and it's apparent in the flower blooms and migratory birds around Australia.  We should expect August to have above average temperatures, so it may feel like winter is over.  Lynda Chambers, climate scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology and a ClimateWatch Science Advisor, informs us that water availability may also be influencing species' behaviour and migration patterns.  She also comments that the changing climate can lead up to big changes for species, causing flowering or migration to occur up to a day earlier each year.      

Have you noticed flowers blooming or birds migrating earlier than normal?  Record these observations here.   

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