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Gaia Resources wins award for ClimateWatch recording system

Piers Higgs Accepting Award
Piers Higgs, Director of Gaia Resources (right) accepting the award.

We are pleased to announce that ClimateWatch technical partner, Gaia Resources has won an award in the Environment and Sustainability category for the ClimateWatch recording system at the WA Spatial Excellence Awards in August.

Gaia Resources is a Perth based consultancy that responsibly delivers sustainable technology solutions to companies that work with the environment. "We've been working with ClimateWatch since the inception of the project" said Piers Higgs, Director and founder of Gaia Resources.

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) has funded the development of the ClimateWatch recording system. The ALA is a collaborative, national project focused on making information on Australia's biodiversity more accessible and useable online. It is a joint project between CSIRO, state herbaria and museums, the Australian Government Departments of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) and Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), and two Australian universities.


"As part of our workplan with the ALA, Gaia Resources has developed the original Climatewatch recording system into a generic citizen science toolkit that can be used by a variety of organisations. We have already placed the new version in Biodiversity Snapshots (part of Museum Victoria, and a ClimateWatch partner), and are working on implementing the software for Birds Australia, as well as ClimateWatch itself." said Piers.


"One of the most exciting areas for us has been the development of mobile recording tools, that will work on a variety of handsets, like iPhones."


As a result of winning the award, GAIA Resources have entered into the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards, which will be presented in Canberra at the spatial@gov conference in early October. "We will be competing against entrants from across the Asia Pacific region." said Piers.