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February Scientist of the Month: Dr Marie Keatley

February 2014

Dr Marie Keatley in the field

Marie is a plant ecologist with a focus on phenology.  This means she is interested in studying the different life stages of plants, such as flowering and fruiting, and finding out how these stages influence one another as well as how climate and other factors affect them. Dr Keatley is based at the Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science at the University of Melbourne. 

She is also interested in applying different statistical methods to determine trends and patterns in phenological data, such as the date of first flowering each year, and analysing their correlation with climate.

Additionally, Marie is interested in finding and using historical, long–term phenological data from Australia. This includes information on why the records were collected and how they can be used to inform current management of Australia’s biodiversity.

Marie has been involved in ClimateWatch from the very beginning. If you have a question about the life cycles of plants, and how climate change may influence them, ask Dr Keatley here.