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Discover hidden treasures buried at the Australian Museum in the comfort of your own home!

Help rediscover handwritten expedition diaries written by 19th and 20th Century Naturalists by joining a new citizen science program. Through participating, you'll be able to view beautiful drawings and paintings of many different Australian invertebrate specimens. 

The Atlas of Living Australia, in partnership with the Australian Museum, has developed an online Volunteer Portal for members of the community to help capture non-digital information (e.g. typed or handwritten) that describes collection material within Australian museums. The system moved from its trial phase into full production in July 2011.

The aim of the project is to encourage volunteers to assist with the monumental task of transcribing specimen labels, field notes, and expedition diaries from various Australian museums, into digitised records. So far several hundred volunteers have joined the program and around 3,000 individual tasks have been completed, but there is so much more to do! 

How you can be involved!

New volunteers are always very welcome. For more information visit the ALA Volunteer Portal or get started and volunteer today. Simply click the Start Transcribing button on any of the expedition pages and you will be prompted to register.

For more information about joining the program, contact:
Paul Flemons
Australian Museum, Sydney
+61 2 9320 6343

Hand drawn artwork extracted from expedition diary (courtesy of Paul Flemons, Australian Museum)