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Darwin ClimateWatch Trail at East Point Reserve

Friday 17 August 2018

 East Point Reserve Path - City of Darwin

Image: East Point Reserve trail path. City of Darwin.

Earthwatch Australia and the City of Darwin are happy to announce the first ClimateWatch trail for the Northern Territory at one of Darwin's largest parks - East Point Reserve

Once playing a significant role in the protection of Australia during World War II, East Point Reserve is now the location of City of Darwin's Interactive Science Trail, which now includes the monitoring of ClimateWatch species

Visitors and members of the general community can now help City of Darwin monitor the local plants and animals for seasonal life cycle changes, such as the Atlas Moth (Attacus wardi) - a species of conservation and revegetation focus for the reserve.

 Litsea glutinosa fruiting

Image: Litsea glutinosa - a revegetation species for the Reserve that has been planted to build habitat for the Atlas Moth. Flickr CC Edward Steven. 

Other new species added to the program include ClimateWatch's first mangrove species - the Grey Mangrove (Avicenna marina) - which can also be monitored along Australia's eastern coast. 

Download the Darwin East Point Reserve trail sheet and field guides here and start recording the first trail sightings with us today! Your data will be invaluable in helping Earthwatch and the City of Darwin understand and manage the species that call East Point Reserve Home.