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Contribute to climate change and COVID-19 research from your home

28 March 2020


Being cooped up inside, either self-isolating or working from home, can make many of us feel anxious and stir-crazy. Research shows how good nature is for our mental health, but it's important to listen to the most current public health guidelines and stay home as much as possible right now. If you are the lucky ones who have some nature close to your homes, we have created a ClimateWatch guideline for physical distancing:

 ClimateWatch physical distancing


Contribute to climate change and COVID-19 research from your home

We also wanted to share this great article about the many citizen science projects that can help us feel connected and give us purpose during this difficult time. Published in The Conversation yesterday by researchers across Australia, the article highlights how citizen science programs, like ClimateWatch, can be a good self-isolating activity where people of all ages can get involved. 

"Apart from being a valuable way to pass time while self-isolating, citizen science reminds us of the importance of community and collaboration at a time it’s desperately needed."

The Australian Citizen Science Association also has a list of programs that people can join, and educators and home-schoolers can use many of our Earthwatch teaching resources for free. 

If you would like to be trained as a ClimateWatch data curator while self-isolating, reach us at


We hope all our ClimateWatchers and their loved ones keep safe during this strange time. Join us in ClimateWatching from our backyards and neighbourhoods (while physical distancing, of course). Let's keep acting on climate.


Keep well, ClimateWatchers.

Nadiah and the Earthwatch team.