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ClimateWatching Leighton Contractors Staff

Leighton Contractors staff have been getting involved in ClimateWatch through two special events in Perth.

Firstly, to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, 50 Leighton Contractors staff from around Perth volunteered their time to visit Piney Lakes Reserve and explore the ClimateWatch trail.

One of the volunteers, Karen said “The programme met my expectations. From a layman’s point of view, who does not know much about observing climate change other than the obvious (rising temperature etc), I have learnt this other method which is to observe the ecosystem pattern. It is an eye-opener to know that some plants are not going through their supposedly ‘natural / normal’ phase at this time of the year. But then again, the question is what is natural / normal?"

ClimateWatch Program Manager, Rich Weatherill said "The enthusiasm from everyone was impressive. Most participants wanted to spend more time on the trail and were keen to learn about the species and phenology".



The second event involved Leighton Contractors staff in regional sites outside of Perth. Rich Weatherill facilitated a workshop in July with environmental advisors from Leighton Contractors' Resources Division on how to create a ClimateWatch trail.


Environmental Coordinator, Simonne Grimes said "It was great to get out and about and the information presented showed how easy it is to create a trail. We are hoping that the information provided during the ClimateWatch session has inspired a number of our environmental advisors to create a trail on their site."