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Climatewatching in Parks

6 December 2013

ClimateWatch is proud to announce a new partnership with Parks Victoria.  The partnership will bring new ClimateWatch trails to both urban and rural parks across Victoria, allowing park visitors, nature enthusiasts, students and the general public new opportunities to record sightings on ClimateWatch species.  The partnership will provide all park visitors with the opportunity to engage in ClimateWatching as a recreational park activity.

Parks provide ideal monitoring locations in which to assess the impacts of climate change, as they provide scientists with relatively disturbance-free areas that contrast changes in urban or rural areas. Incorporating sightings from many locations, each with different climatic and geographic conditions, allows for more accurate scientific assessments. 

Parks are often biodiversity ‘hotspots’ within the local landscape, concentrating wildlife which allows for increased number of sightings within a relatively small area. 

The information collected by ClimateWatch can be incorporated into future scenario modelling which can assist in future park planning.   

Check back on the ClimateWatch and Parks Victoria website for more information and updates.