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ClimateWatch reaches 10,000 users

 March 2014

Linden Ashcroft

ClimateWatch reached a big milestone last month with its 10,000th user! More than 70% of the 10,000 ClimateWatchers have signed up in the last two years, including over 4,000 people in 2013. This mighty team of observers has made over 50,000 sightings of plants and animals across Australia, informing scientists about how climate change is affecting our biodiversity.

Of the 10,000 users, over 4,000 have recorded more than one sighting, with 289 people making over 25 observations. Fourteen people have made more than 100 sightings each! Just over 35% of all ClimateWatchers come from Western Australia, while 29% come from New South Wales and 18% come from Victoria.

Australian Magpies are the most commonly observed ClimateWatch species, followed by the majestic Jacaranda. Magpie-larks and Willie Wagtails are the third and fourth most popular species, and the humble Honey Bee rounds out the top five.

A huge thanks to everyone who has registered and is contributing to the ClimateWatch database. You can sign up and help monitor Australia’s response to climate change here.