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ClimateWatch by day - Night Stalk by night

Do you know all of the animals that come out in the light of the moon around your neighbourhood? Explore your local natural area and its resident animals on any night (or every night!) between 1 September and 16 October by participating in a Tiwest Night Stalk.  It’s easy to do – all you need is a torch, a Spotter's Log, a keen eye and a sense of adventure!  It’s free to participate and great fun. 

ClimateWatch and Tiwest Night Stalk are working together to highlight that what you can see at night, might not be the same as what you see during the day.  Some ClimateWatch species like the White-striped Bat, Black Flying-fox and Grey-headed Flying Fox are best observed after dark.

To plan a Night Stalk visit a ClimateWatch Trail by day and then return at night to discover what else you can observe.

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