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Celebrate National Biodiversity Month with ClimateWatch!

26 September 2017

September is National Biodiversity Month! Celebrate with ClimateWatch!

Being a ClimateWatcher is simple. You can record on species you see near you or visit  one of our ClimateWatch trails.

It’s well understood that climate change has led to an increase in average temperature of almost 1 degree in Australia and our biodiversity is already responding to these changes. For instance, plants are flowering earlier and some birds are altering their migration times.

ClimateWatch was developed by Earthwatch Australian, the Bureau of Meteorology and the University of Melbourne to help understand the effects of climate change on phenology - the timing of biological events - and how these are influenced by variations in climate. ClimateWatch allows every Australian to contribute to scientific research from anywhere across country. 

So celebrate National Biodiversity Month - become a ClimateWatcher and help contribute data to the largest citizen science phenology program in the southern hemisphere! 

The effects of climate change may influence the timing of when they start to breed and the duration of their breeding and migration activities.


ClimateWatch indicator species: Golden Whistler Pachycephala pectoralis.

The effects of climate change may influence the timing and duration of breeding and migration activities.