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August Scientist of the month: Dr. Dave Schoeman

August 7, 2013

Dr Dave Schoeman
Dave is a marine biologist who researches the ways in which marine critters respond to climate change. This has allowed him the opportunity to work in South Africa, the UK, and now Australia. Dave is particularly interested in bringing together the threads of knowledge to provide a broad view of climate-change impacts, to identify ways in which these views can be tested, and to figure out how we can use this knowledge to improve our approaches to marine conservation.

Why science?

“I love science because it is one of the few careers in which every single person's efforts count. The big discoveries in science almost always lead from the slow accumulation of small bits and pieces of knowledge, and from the ideas of many, many people, very few of whom are famous. So even when you're starting out, you know that you're contributing; and any individual discovery you make, no matter how small, could underpin a huge jump in our understanding of the world we live in. Marine science is particularly exciting because there is so much that we don't know about it; being able to contribute little bits of knowledge to our understanding of the biggest single habitat on Earth is a privilege."

Why does your research focus on climate change?

“Because climate change is caused by our lifestyles, and few of us are prepared to compromise these, I believe that it should be the responsibility of every scientist to work towards understanding the effects of climate change, and figuring out how we can limit damage to natural systems.” 

Dr. Dave Schoeman is an Associate Professor in Biostatistics at the University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

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