An initiative of Earthwatch Institute

April 2016; Warringah Council Citizen Science program; Nature Watch Week.

Warringah Council is excited to be running our first ever Citizen Science program, called Nature Watch Week.

Nature Watch Week

Become a scientist for a week! Help record local wildlife and go in the draw to win prizes up to the value of $200.

During Nature Watch Week the Warringah community are being asked to conduct a survey in their favourite place outdoors, record their findings and photos here for their chance to win. Why not share your amazing find on social media #spottedinwarringah too.

Prizes include an iTunes voucher, gardening for wildlife book, and a GoPro camera.

Every participant’s data will be represented live on the website and the information will be used to better understand and plan environmental programs.

Climate Watch

Climate watch is a national program seeking to better understand how climate change is affecting our plants and animals. Register online, select a species you would like the watch, download the app and start observing your species. Your observations will help better understand climate change impacts.