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Aisling joins the ClimateWatch team

I am a science communication student from the University of Western Australia (UWA). I have always had an interest in the interactions between climate, people, and plants and animals. So I have joined the ClimateWatch team for the next few months to share the experiences of some of our student participants with you. 


ClimateWatch provides a unique opportunity to biology students at UWA to interpret data on the ‘most recorded on species’. As part of their course requirements, students write a report on a chosen species and submit recordings of their own. Many students had interesting journeys while doing this and have provided invaluable feedback for the ClimateWatch program.  

I will be interviewing some of these students and over the next few months publishing a series of articles and snippets about their journeys. Some found interesting historical data, some came to appreciate the value of non-native ClimateWatch species, and others have provided interesting feedback on the best ways to observe certain species. 

Be on the lookout for these upcoming articles!