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Updated 15 April 2020

ClimateWatch is an authentic learning experience that can be incorporated into secondary and tertiary school subjects, backyard or school ground explorations, field excursions or camps. Taking part in citizen science that monitors and records plant and animal behaviour is naturally aligned to the Science stream of the national curriculum. ClimateWatch is also a great way to build student capacity in critical and creative thinking, numeracy and ITC skills.


ClimateWatch at Home

Connect to nature in your backyard and neighbourhoods through ClimateWatch! Our free resources are suitable for primary school students, secondary school students and adults too. Feel free to contact us with specific requests about teaching resources. Don't forget to explore our species pages and see if there is a ClimateWatch Trail to monitor near you.


Nature journaling with kids

Connect with the wildlife in your backyard and record seasonal changes through nature journaling.

Download the nature journaling PDF here. 




ClimateWatch bingo.

Use our questions or make your own by getting inspired by ClimateWatch species!

Download the ClimateWatch bingo PDF here.

Bingo1 bingo2 bingo3 


Our free high school curriculum resources related to science, maths and geography (below) can also be adapted to at-home learning. Secondary (F-2) school ClimateWatch lessons developed by Penny Musgrove, Environmental Education Officer at City of Melville can be reached here.  


ClimateWatch Curriculum

Earthwatch Australia's ClimateWatch program has partnered with Cool Australia to build four units in the areas of mathematics, geography, and science. The lessons focus on phenology, climate change and citizen science and are all linked to the Australian Curriculum. Each lesson can be used as a stand-alone lesson, or together as whole units.

Download unit summary PDFs by clicking on the images.

Unit: Citizen Science - Geography - Years 9 & 10



Unit: Citizen Science - Science - Years 7 & 8 



Unit: Citizen Science - Geography and Science - Years 7 & 8 



Unit: Citizen Science - Maths - Years 7 & 8



Cool Australia

Cool Australia is a non-for-profit organisation that provides award winning curriculum resources about sustainability. Cool Australia has a range of free access teaching resources to support classroom learning. Simply register on their website, and browse through the huge collection of lesson plans.


 We'd love your feedback to help us improve our free citizen science lessons. Provide your comments here


ClimateWatch at University

ClimateWatch has been utilised in undergraduate biological courses at several Universities across Australia, including University of Western Australia, Monash University, University of Sydney and Victoria University. ClimateWatch datasets are used for developing critical thinking and data analyses skills, and ClimateWatch biodiversity monitoring is undertaken on campus, nearby parks and at home. Not only do the students contribute to real-world climate change science, according to a study by researchers at The University of Western Australia, citizen science projects, such as ClimateWatch, boost environmental undergraduate courses by improving student interest and engagement in their local environment.

USYD Jacaranda

Jacaranda at University of Sydney ClimateWatch Trail | University of Sydney 


ClimateWatch in Parks 

In partnership with Parks Victoria, Earthwatch is connecting schools and community groups to ClimateWatch trails in regional Victorian communities and providing training to monitor local ClimateWatch plants and animals for seasonal changes. Rangers and community members are connected to a real climate change study monitoring species movements and phenology - the "fingerprints of climate change". It's free to get involved in the ClimateWatch in Parks program. Find out more here.

Serendip Sanctuary

Serendip Sanctuary ClimateWatch Trail | Parks Victoria


Field recording sheets for school groups

The free ClimateWatch app allows indicator species sightings and photos to be submitted while anywhere in Australia. Records can also be submitted through the ClimateWatch website where photos can be manually uploaded. For those without smart-devices, we have updated the survey sheets below to help undertake ClimateWatch activities.

Some things to remember:

  • Familiarise yourself with species content via .
  • ClimateWatch trails have their own recording sheets that you may wish to use instead of the app or survey sheets.
  • A computer session can be scheduled after the field activity to enter the data into the ClimateWatch website.
  • Photos help validate records for scientific use. If you are unable to submit a good quality photo, you can add additional comments to your sighting. If you do not have a photo of the species you can download and submit the 'no image' place-hold below, or take a photo of the habitat and add comments.

Click on the field sheet below to reach all survey sheets (marine, mammals, birds, plants etc. and print what you need. Tip: laminate the sheets to use them repeatedly.


CW survey sheets










Images are compulsory to ensure our records are correct and can contribute to science. However you can use the following 'no image' place-hold when you do not have an image to upload. These records will still be saved in the ClimateWatch database 

cw no image





Reach more teaching resources and opportunities through the Earthwatch Australia webpage: